Pumpkin Patch with kids!

lifestyle motherhood Oct 30, 2021
That Edgy Momma

I'm especially excited because this means my husband is able to step in and help watch our baby girl while I get a few things done, like putting up our new gates to keep our little girl safe. Also, I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this this weekend but the rain during the week has kicked my seasonal allergies into gear and they are here!

I wanted to share my experience at Sleepy Hollow Farm from a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, it was the best Pumpkin Patch excursion I've ever been to, to date! If you have kids, this is the place to stop. If not, I can see why you'd choose a different one, but Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Patch in Powder Springs was legit! It had everything you could imagine for your little ones. Our baby is too little to enjoy everything I'm about to share but we still had a great time with her and with friends that came along.


Sleepy Hollow Farm offers a corn maze, a farm themed playground (you'll understand when you see it), a short tractor ride to take you to the other side of the event grounds, a petting zoo, a small gift shop, not to mention snacks for sale on-sight, and of course a pumpkin Patch!

Now, I haven't been to many corn mazes, but I do know the experience here was my best experience yet. The maze was exciting, you couldn't see straight through the corn stalks, and it was long enough to not say it ended so soon. Definitely enjoyable and I wasn't alone in feeling this way.

The playground. It was farm themed. And what I mean by that is, there were swings that were in the form of cute horses, a sandbox with tons of yellow toy construction cars to play with, a slide decorated with tires, a play cow milking station, a cow wrangling set-up and what looked like a pig race with toy carts and more. I can appreciate all the detail that went into this playground and when Covid is all over and my daughter is walking around and ready to play I would love to bring her here and make fun memories.

The tractor ride was a nice little lift to the petting zoo where I fed some goats and hoped we could get a photo of our baby feeding them a carrot, but I think the goats were really hungry because they ate everything before I could even get my photo app open. The baby goats were so adorable!

Last but not least. The Pumpkin Patch! There weren't many pumpkins to choose from, but they did have a variety of what was available. If you got more than 1 pumpkin like we, did you could fill a mini wagon and wheel it to your car in the parking lot which was so helpful. We brought 4 home with us. Just a little something for the porch...

We had a great time with friends at this pumpkin patch and I can say we'll be back next year! Also, there were a good amount of photo ops scattered around if your into that. Hope you enjoyed the review! Have a lovely weekend and keep your Zyrtec close!

-That Edgy Momma


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