I'm A Mommy of Two, Meet Zeph!

motherhood Oct 18, 2022
That Edgy Momma

Two Tuesdays ago, at 5:04 in the morning I woke up to the discomfort of early labor contractions. I felt so excited because, 1. I had made it through my pregnancy to October and 2. I knew I would soon be meeting my little boy!

(Highlights of my Birth Story)
After about 2 hrs. and timing a consistent pattern of contractions that were coming closer together and had now reached 10 minutes apart, I decided to call my Dr. Since, delivery of my first baby was a short 2 hrs. and I had slept through the whole labor process I really didn't know what to expect this time around. I had anticipated and prepped for the moment my water would break like it did with my first, but it hadn't. After talking to my Dr. who didn't want to take the chance of telling me to labor at home some more, I was told to head to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 9:44am. My contractions were now a consistent 5 minutes apart and I was 6cm dilated feeling like I was legit sitting on top of my son's head because of how low I was carrying him.

As they prepared the pool and water temperature for my 2nd water birth, I reminded myself of the positive affirmations I tucked away for when I needed them. I voiced them aloud while working through some very strong and painful contractions and all I could think about was the little soul I was getting ready to meet and also how desperately I wanted to get in that Hot pool of water. In my opinion, it's more manageable to labor while in a squat position while in heat.  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to labor in the water. I was hooked up to the monitors and Zephy was ready. At 1:47pm, in a short and frantic, Very painful 10 minutes, I had a healthy baby boy. I involuntarily pushed twice outside of the water and to follow my birth plan I was moved to the pool to deliver my baby. Two big pushes in the water and he was born. On October 4, a healthy 7.2 lbs. my baby boy Zeph took his first breath of air!

When I chose my daughter Cataleya's name, I wanted the meaning to reflect individuality, strength and beauty. Also 'Colombiana' was my favorite movie. (Yes, she was technically named after an assassin). So, when choosing Zeph's name, it had to be just as unique.

Zeph comes from the name Zephyr. It means God of the west wind, the messenger of Spring and attendant of love... 

I am a mommy to a beautiful growing family, and I couldn't adore my babies anymore. What an amazing chapter of life!

X, That Edgy Momma 


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