Hospital Bag Essentials for Mama To Be

lifestyle motherhood Sep 16, 2022
That Edgy Momma

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag for Baby #2!

Time is inching closer and closer to my due date, and I couldn't be more excited! With that, it's time to be ready for labor! I got the car washed, cleaned and washed our newborn car seat, added essentials to the car (you'll read below) and am ready with my hospital bag.

To prepare for the birth of my 2nd baby I prepped a bag full of essentials for my hospital stay. In it I included:

- 2 different size outfit options (including hat + socs)
- 2 options for baby blankets depending on weather conditions when leaving the hospital
- Car seat

- Nursing cover by Amma
- Nursing Bralette by Lively
- Pretty Pajamas by Piyama
- 3X Comfortable dark color underwear 
- Toiletries bag (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Coconut Deodorant, Shower essentials)
- Body Care (Face wash, Face/Body Hydration)
- Makeup (Brow wax, Eyeliner, Tinted ChapStick)
- Duster sweater to throw over pretty pajamas when leaving hospital
- Comfortable Shoes (I prefer slides)
- Phone charger

FOR SIBLING (My little mommas is nearly 2)
- Diaper essentials
- 1 outfit change (It's better to be prepared to go into labor at any moment even if you have a set plan on who will watch your children during your hospital stay)
- Special + New toy (from new sibling?) to help with entertaining while in a boring hospital + Sticker book

Keep in mind, I prepared for my personal birthing needs. Since this will be my second in-hospital water birth, I used my previous experience to help prepare my bag. The hospital provides all of baby essentials like diapers etc. so bringing a diaper bag prepared for baby is welcome but not necessary therefore my list for baby is short.

I also want to include I prepared a small bag in my car with a towel and washable sandals to change into if labor started while I was out and about. I lucked out with my first labor experience because I was in the comfort of my home about to take a shower when my water broke followed by the "bloody show". After a call with my Dr., my husband and I were off to the hospital. 2 hrs. after arriving to the hospital, my beautiful daughter was born.

They say laboring time is cut in half for your 2nd! 

X, That Edgy Momma


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