Hello November!

home lifestyle motherhood Nov 24, 2021
That Edgy Momma

Thanksgiving is my faaavorite holiday. Aside from the food (which I could eat and genuinely enjoy weekly), I love the warm feeling of gathering with loved ones, both family and friends and taking the time to really be thankful. This year we’ll be heading to Andrew’s Aunt and Uncles house to celebrate with the rest of the family. We won’t be hosting a Friends-giving this year, but I still find it important to decorate and be festive. Especially with kids in the family!

During Thanksgiving it's important to reflect and be thankful for the meal you are about to share. Thankful for the company you're in and thankful for new and old experiences. When I moved to Atlanta three years ago, I celebrated Thanksgiving in New Orleans and had an amazing time with my good friend and her family.

This year, I'm especially thankful for the life my husband and I are creating and building together. I'm thankful to be a wife to an amazing husband and a mommy to my precious baby girl. I’m thankful for all of the beautiful memories we have created in such a short time. It's heartwarming to look around as I cradle my sleeping baby in front of the fireplace and see a home. When we bought it, it was empty and together, slowly we have filled it with memories. Not things, because we are careful to invite clutter but thoughtfully, handpicked pieces to add something different and meaningful to our space.

My little girl will be 1 in about two weeks, and I can't wait to celebrate her and the gift of life with all of the people who love her so much. I can't say enough, how much I love being her mommy. As she naps in my arms, I'll be taking this time to look around and be so grateful for our blessings.

I wish you all a Happy, Beautiful and Warm Thanksgiving full of love!

- That Edgy Momma


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