Easter Basket ideas for Toddlers

lifestyle motherhood Apr 11, 2022
That Edgy Momma

I am so excited to celebrate Easter this year! This year is different because our baby is walking and old enough to enjoy an Easter egg hunt experience along with a basket full of goodies. We're planning to have a picnic at the park with grandparents that live nearby along with a whole lot of lounging and park play and of course, an easter egg hunt!

So, what exactly do you include in the eggs in an easter egg hunt for a new toddler? Candy? Fun erasers? Money? Coins? Snacks? Tiny, small toys? ...

Definitely not! Well, except the snacks. Here are a few ideas I came up with to include in my daughters Easter basket and egg hunt as well as my nephews gift box I mailed off to Canada.

To start, I went with a theme for each. Since my husband and I are all about purchasing gender neutral toys these gifts are genderless, so worry not. Most of my shopping was done through Amazon and Target. A few pieces were from Star Provisions Market and Cafe, Baby Braithwaite, Personify Shop and Final Cut

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So, if you're wondering about the egg hunt and what to fill your oval shaped treasures with, I went ahead and filled them with toddler size Lego's! Since your new toddler is not old enough to partake in the candy indulgence that comes with holidays, why not fill the easter eggs with something that they need to collect, open up and build, by gathering different pieces inside the eggs. Also, you can fill your eggs with a finger size, or hand size stuffed animal. As far as snacks, pretzel sticks could work nicely after washing the eggs or containers. I happen to find the cutest carrot shaped containers which will be perfect for the pretzel sticks. I also included two carrot shaped easter bubbles with wands, a few books (coloring, sticker and readable books) erasable markers, wind up chick toys, one golden egg each child, a marshmallow easter bunny lollipop, green grass for styling, easter sticker sheets, a finger puppet easter bunny, chalk and one bigger special toy.



To contain all of these surprises, I used a wonderful simple basket that I will later be able to use as a toy basket. These toys each serve a different purpose and are perfect for hours of fun at the park or at home whether with extended family members or not. Many different activities are included, and ALL are toddler safe.

To make it easier, scroll below for pictures and links to quickly add to your shopping cart for last minute Easter basket additions!



Hope this sparked a few ideas for your last-minute Easter basket ideas! Happy Easter!

- That Edgy Momma


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