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home lifestyle motherhood Dec 30, 2021
That Edgy Momma

It was Thanksgiving, then December came along with my daughter’s beautiful 1st Birthday party. Christmas Eve came, and Christmas is gone. Now we're coming up to 2022. I mean, it was all so sudden!...

Truthfully, I was enjoying my family and my daughter's first real holidays. Can you blame me? My little ducky turned one and she's now officially a toddler. The phrase ‘speed of light’ definitely seems appropriate.

Her birthday party was absolutely beautiful. To celebrate her, we hosted an intimate party at our house with a fabulous cake by Sweet Tiffany's LLC, Mexican food from Zama, beautiful hand selected flowers from J. J's Flower shop and Forage & Flower and I can't forget about the beautiful fresh roses from The Beretta Rose who also happens to be my neighbor. Sadly, I wish I got more photos because I put a lot of creative energy into the theme, but these paint a nice picture.

Soon after, Andrew and I hosted Christmas day at our house. Let me just say, watching my little girl open gifts and enjoy the holidays was the best experience. It brought me back to when I was a kid, excited and full of wonder. The beauty and wonder of holidays tend to get lost to being an adult, so to experience excitement again by way of your babies is a different kind of “magical”. And not to play into those old traditions, but to experience infectious joy and happiness with your babies and to create our ‘own’ and new meaning of tradition. Like taking photos with Santa. As silly as it sounded to us, we decided we wanted to give our babies the experience and be able to capture the memory and if they decide one year, they don't want to do it we won't make them. This year, we came across a store in Marietta called Seasonal Designs while stopping at a Spirit store in October picking up costumes. By chance, we found this seasonal shop that prepares a set and takes reservations by appointment only to get 5 photos with Santa. We weren't disappointed even though she looks it. This Santa looks badass and awesome in my book!

My toddler has no idea a new year follows Christmas, but I know she's ready for all the new experiences that come along with being a toddler. Now that the new parent title is shaking off, I'm also ready to embrace this next stage of motherhood with her. After all, life with children is never stagnant. You're forever evolving together and learning.

Did I mention that she's consistently sleeping through the night, and I have momma time during the evening!! Do you know what that means...? It means an awakening of a new version of myself! What does that mean you ask? Well... Let's find out together.

If I had to define 2021, I'd define it as metamorphic. I know, unoriginal. Let me explain, as an individual, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and so on. I've selected my badass momma boots, so let the process of breaking them in proceed. As the year ends, I'd like to end with this. The privilege to be home with my baby girl every single day teaching her, laughing, playing, nourishing and loving her, experiencing all of her new accomplishments is the BEST JOB I have EVER had. I am happy to be with her every day and make sure I'm the best teacher and mommy that I can be.

2022, we've met. It's great to be present. Happy New Year to you all! ¡Feliz año Nuevo!

- That Edgy Momma


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