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fashion lifestyle Nov 17, 2021
That Edgy Momma

I turned 30 last week! Can you believe it?!? One minute you're selling your stuff and moving across country with all your plant babies in the back seat and next you've met someone who turns your life inside out. You have the life of your dreams along with little toes and giant paws. Then you find yourself trading your muscle car in for a mid-size SUV. (To be fair I got an Audi. "You gotta keep a little something for yourself")

Anyway, we went ahead and drove that Audi to Savannah this past weekend to celebrate. I'm going to share with you a handful of stores worth stopping at. And you know they're good because let's face it, I wouldn't lie to you...

Vintage shopping!

Who doesn't love a good vintage shop? Really though. You can find the most out there things or the coolest pieces that you just HAVE to have. I have two great shops for you. For one, The Future across from Forsyth Park. This shop isn't just one of those stores filled with dusty unwearable clothes. All the clothes are super cool and I found out the buyers do a lot of the buying from Connecticut. Why? I'm not sure but I was able to find two custom made (not for my body, but it seems like it) tops with intricate detail and perfect cuts for my frame. The other shop is East and Up located up the stairs next to The Book Lady Bookstore. This shop can be a bit pricey but the clothes, especially the men's is all really great. Trust me.

Talking about shopping, this next store isn't another vintage find but it is something to drop by if you're into fashion and enjoy having one-of-a-kind pieces. As it was explained to me, the retail space Blank Canvas, is a product development and pattern making studio for Blank Canvas Development, as well as a showroom for all of the products that they make, products made by their clients, along with other talented makers they showcase. We also left with a few goodies from this store because, of course we would. We walked past this retail space while heading back from Starland Yard Food Trucks.

Who needs a car in Savannah? We don't. We literally walked up and down the streets from sunup till it began getting dark because our sundown days are over for now. We have a curfew and need to be back to our hotel to get our little mamas settled and ready for bed.

The hotel we stayed at was so cool! It is said to be haunted and by the weird flickering of the nightlight I was using, I believe it. It also showcased an awesome old hat collection that I was amazed at, along with art covering every wall there was. Honestly I can say that the whole place was a showroom. Can you guess where we stayed?

The Mansion on Forsyth Park. It was a special treat because during our first visit to Savannah we walked by and were interested in it, so this time around we stayed there as a Birthday treat.

On the topic of treats, Chocolate by Adam Turoni is an experience you can't miss. I felt like I was in Hogwarts for some funny reason. Which is awesome! But really the idea behind it seems to be something like a bookstore vibe with a chocolate experience. These chocolates are handcrafted in Savannah and also deeelicious!

Speaking of delicious and something savory, High Tea at the restaurant connected to the hotel 700 Drayton was such a fun experience with our baby girl. She stole the show during tea time. Fortunately, since she is so adorable and she had already touched so many hearts of the nearby tables and staff nobody complained as she began to fuss. Soon after we made an exit. But it was a really fun experience.

To top off our trip we stopped in The Paris Market & Brocante for a few small gifts that won't disappoint. With a wide range of products and a small snack bar, if you're walking in your walking out with a purchase.

To conclude our trip, I just have to say this is another trip for the adventure photo album I need to make. Savannah is a special place and I love my husband for making it as special as he could with every last detail. But the best gift anybody could ask for was already mine before the trip. My husband and my baby girl. Our little family! Hope you enjoyed reading, reviewing and touring.

- That Edgy Momma


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