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home lifestyle motherhood Sep 12, 2022
Fall, That Edgy Momma

Fall is 10 days away! This year it means something different to us because we will have a new member joining our family! I am due to give birth October 11, but I'm not sure that our little boy will wait that long. In the meantime, I have been busy nesting away and preparing our nearly 2-year-old for the arrival of her baby brother.

With that, I've ordered Birthday gifts, prepped as much as I could to transition to our lovely Fall Decor, preplanned my husband and daughter's birthdays and made sure to make everything flow as smoothly as possible when my little guy is here. Besides the arrival of our new family member, Fall is a special time for my husband and me. There couldn't be a better time to welcome our baby home.

Last October our daughter was truly experiencing the holidays for the first time, but this year our growing family of 4 plus a dog will celebrate together. We plan to dress up as a Pumpkin Patch. Our little guy will be our precious pumpkin while we as scarecrows keep guard, including our dog! 

October has always held a special place in my heart. I'll always remember living in Grant Park, across the street to the Oakland Cemetery overlooking all the centuries old tombstones from my Juliette balcony pre-family life. October was special, especially at night when it looked extra festive with the leafless branches from the giant oak and magnolia trees and luminated by streetlights.

BTW don't forget to get your order in for your seasonal candles! Our favorite seasonal candle to buy is by Nest. The 3-wick candle itself is beautiful no matter what scent you choose, and the aroma is not overpowering. Some candles cause a reaction in your throat because of how potent they are, but not these. We LOVE the Nest Pumpkin Chai scent to bring in Halloween. FYI these are so popular they tend to sell out fast, so get them early.


X, That Edgy Momma



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