10 Post Pregnancy SELF CARE Essentials for Mama

lifestyle motherhood wellness Dec 19, 2022
That Edgy Momma

When you're a mom, the thought of 'self-care' seems unattainable. With my first baby I remember most days I didn't even have time to lotion my extremely dry skin. I remember the 5-minute showers while my daughter cried while watching me quickly lather my sudsy body as I tried to hurry so I could hold and soothe her. Well, not this time around. Not only do I have the time to apply lotion, but I've also made self-care a priority!

Here are 10 self-care ideas for mama that are great mood enhancers.


1 - Indulge in a Skincare Routine

• Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat Hormonal Acne, Hydrate, Moisturize and Brighten your beautiful skin. My favorite Skincare line is May Lindstrom Skin. It's so beautiful and luxurious you always feel like you're at a spa and best of all, it's all natural and safe for pregnancy and postpartum. She actually has a great FAQ/Blog writeup if you want to read more here.

2 - Exfoliating Sponge for Body

• Regularly Exfoliating postpartum helps with tightening the skin around your belly, reduce linea negra's hyperpigmentation and tummy recovery.

3 - High Waisted Pants/ Underwear

• Wearing supportive underwear can aid in much needed tummy support postpartum. High waisted pants are not only flattering for mama's but they make getting dressed that much easier. Trust me!

4 - Supportive Walking Shoes

I have a traumatic story for you, and I think 2nd time moms can relate. 2 months after my first was born I went on a 2-hr. hike with my husband and our dog. I was wearing my baby while walking in Berkenstock sandals. (Information you need to know; I have very flat feet... Do I need to explain?) My feet didn't recover from that for moonthssssss! My back didn't thank me either. 

• Shoes that are suitable for your foot type and can withstand a long hike if you choose to take one.

5 - Water Bottles

• If you have stairs and more than 1 child, one upstairs and a separate downstairs where you typically nurse helps to hit your daily water intake goals.

6 - Hair Styling Products for Quick & Simple Do's

My favorite discoveries are Wave Spray, and clear rubber Hair Ties. Styling products that make getting ready that much more efficient are wonderful mood boosters when you're feeling exhausted. Wave spray gives me that done look for my thick waves in just a few sprays. I don't even have to dry my hair!

7 - Hydrating Body Cream/ Body Wash for Dry Skin

• Body wash and body cream with added moisturizer is suuuuch a necessity postpartum due to the fluctuations in hormones like progesterone and estrogen which can change skin's texture. I experience itching when my skin is dry, so I did my research and found the best products that work for me. My favorites are the Osea Body cream and Fresh bath and shower gel.

8 - Makeup Essentials for Quick & Simple 'Put Together' Looks

• I love a good brow product. I feel like you can obtain a done-up look with nothing but these two things. Eyebrow Wax/ Brow Brush and ChapStick (in every room!).

9 - Invest in a Stylish and Breathable Nursing Cover

• The right nursing cover is a game changer! My favorite is from WeAreAmma. This not only looks like an outfit but helps immensely when you are out and about. I've nursed while eating, having a conversation, sitting at the table across from family etc. I've been able to EASILY nurse with this cover anywhere and in front of anyone. BY far the BEST nursing cover ever!

10 - Create a Handy List of Nearby Restaurant Favorites

• Things get a little crazy at times and you'll want to have a quick solution in a time crunch. I love cooking quick, wholesome, fresh meals for my family. I won't lie to you; it's been tough with a newborn/ now infant and my toddler to cook dinner. My infant loves nursing off and on from around 5-7 pm. Let's be real, you're not going to make your toddler wait till 9pm for a meal... Order out! 

If you've read this far, you've proven there is time, maybe moments, to practice self-care. My main secret to practice is, wake up before the babies. Since I've successfully established a sleep schedule with my 2-year-old toddler and monitored when my 2-month-old tends to wake in the morning, I've chosen to honor this time to myself before starting my day. Some days I only have moments, but self-care is Essential.

X, That Edgy Momma


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