About me

Hey, I’m Melissa! Also known as Lizette. A California desert soul who set roots in the South. And I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!

I'm a mama to a precious baby girl and pregnant with a baby boy, due Oct. 2022. I'm an Adventure junky who lives for Handcrafted Eclectic Design, Fashion, Well-being and Fitness! My Love Language is nurturing my babies and spending quality time with my family, styling, curating, wellness and FOOD!

I started this blog as a way to reconnect socially and share my experiences. Since moving from CA to GA, in January of 2018 leaving everyone behind, family and friends and starting my own family November 2019 with marrying my then boyfriend of 2 months, now husband of 3 years, I wanted a way to share my wonderful life with everyone back home as well as connect with my surrounding community. After having my first baby in 2020, I've struggled with that sense of connection you feel when you pick up the phone to message your friend of many years to meet for lunch or a walk in the park with the babies. Simply said, that support system that comes from family and friends you've known since you were adolescents. So, I started blogging! I love it so much and it keeps evolving...

Welcome to my blog. I'm really happy your here. Come along for the ride!

A lot of sweet & just as much Edge

A little space to share pieces of myself.

To inspire.

To connect...

What happens when you listen to the call in your heart? You find yourself on one wild, crazy adventure!